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Winter Golf in the UK

Winter Golf in the UK

As summer comes to a close, the weather has started to turn and many are looking for indoor activities to replace the outdoor lifestyle that summer provides. However, golf courses across the UK will largely remain open and will be encouraging visitors to continue to play. It is true that it is harder to maintain a golf course in winter, with waterlogged fairways and greens often occurring, but if you pick the right weather and find the right course, there is no reason why you can’t continue to enjoy golf throughout the winter. It is advisable to get a hat, a good golf glove and some good golf shoes to help you round the course if the weather does turn on you. With covid 19 bringing new restrictions, golf is one sport that can still be played safely so we are encouraging people to keep playing as much as possible. Try finding a golf course near you to keep playing throughout winter

A top tip for winter golf is to wait for a Wednesday or Thursday and if the weekend weather forecast is looking good then book a tee time! Ideally, find a golf club that only needs payment on arrival, so you can minimize your risk in case the weather does stop you from playing your round.

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