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Golf To Return on the 29th March

Golf To Return on the 29th March

We’re back! The Government recently announced its roadmap for post lockdown life, and the news is good – golf can return on Monday the 29th March.

It will have been over three months since golf courses were last open in the UK, by the time people Tee Off at 9am on Monday the 29th. Whilst most of January and February brought weather that essentially would have ruled out golf anyway, the hope is that March is an excellent time for courses to prepare. For example, greens, fairways and tee off areas should be in top condition when the 29th March comes around, given that the courses will be empty up to that point.

Whilst golfers across the UK will certainly be rusty, there is expected to be a rush back to golf courses in that first week, so be sure to book ahead as Tee times could be hard to find. It could even be worth waiting another week or so, as a busy golf course might not be the ideal time to play, depending on your own pace of play.

Either way, the return of golf provides hope and excitement for wider societal improvements following recent dark times. Golf courses, come the 29th of March, will be busy, so be sure to get in ahead of the crowd!

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