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Golf Courses in the UK during Covid-19

Golf Courses in the UK during Covid-19

Whilst most of us are now just getting on with it, Covid 19 is still throwing problems at us in the UK. However, luckily golf courses are one of the most Covid friendly environments with their spacious fairways and socially distanced golf course rules. In the UK, golf courses were one of the first public spaces to re-open after the initial lockdown. In fact, in summer 2020 in the UK golf courses were busier than usual, with many people substituting their summer holidays for golf days or weekends away. In most golf clubs you have to book a tee time, but this was the case before anyway. It also gave a chance for the golf courses to do some maintenance during the lockdown, so now many courses around the UK are well kept, busy and most of all open for all abilities of golfers up and down the country.

With a bit of luck, golf clubs across England can remain open through winter, although we all know the winter golf requires some serious commitment.

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