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A-Z Royal Golf Courses around the World

A-Z Royal Golf Courses around the World

Royal Golf Courses are those that have been granted “Royal” status by the current Reigning Monarch. Often a member of the Royal Family will be invited to play at the golf course in question, or in some circumstances they may even become a member or patron of the golf club. Over the past 250 years, 61 golf courses have been named “Royal” and below is a list of those 61. Remember, on many of the below courses, you can play without being a member, and it is certainly an excellent experience for the keen golfer. Royal Golf Courses exist all over the world, so not all the golf clubs below are in the UK. The list starts with Royal Aberdeen Golf Course which is an impressive 241 years old:

Golf Club/CourseYears since Opening
Royal Aberdeen Golf Course241
Royal Adelaide Golf Course129
Royal Ascot Golf Course134
Royal Ashdown Golf Course133
Royal Belfast Golf Course140
Royal Birkdale Golf Course132
Royal Blackheath Golf Course255
Royal Burgess Golf Course248
Royal Calcutta Golf Course192
Royal Canberra Golf Course95
Royal Cape Golf Course136
Royal Cape Golf Course123
Royal Cinque Ports Golf Course129
Royal Colombo Golf Course142
Royal Colwood Golf Course108
Royal County Down Golf Course132
Royal Cromer Golf Course133
Royal Dornoch Golf Course144
Royal Dublin Golf Course136
Royal Durban Golf Course129
Royal Eastbourne Golf Course144
Royal Epping Forest Golf Course133
Royal Freemantle Golf Course116
Royal Guernsey Golf Course131
Royal Hobart Golf Course120
Royal Homburger Golf Course122
Royal Household Golf Course120
Royal Isle of Wight Golf Course139
Royal Jersey Golf Course143
Royal Johannesberg Golf Course131
Royal Liverpool Golf Course152
Royal Lytham & St Annes Golf Course135
Royal Malta Golf Course133
Royal Marianske Lazne Golf Course116
Royal Mayfair Golf & Country Club Golf Course99
Royal Melbourne Golf Course130
Royal Mid-Surrey Golf Course129
Royal Montreal Golf Course148
Royal Musselburgh Golf Course247
Royal Nairobi Golf Course115
Royal North Devon Golf Course157
Royal Norwich Golf Course128
Royal Ottawa Golf Course130
Royal Perth Golf Course126
Royal Port Alfred Golf Course97
Royal Porthcawl Golf Course130
Royal Portrush Golf Course133
Royal Quebec Golf Course147
Royal Queensland Golf Course101
Royal Regina Golf Course122
Royal Selangor Golf Course128
Royal St Davids Golf Course127
Royal St George’s Golf Course134
Royal Sydney Golf Course128
Royal Tarlair Golf Course95
Royal Troon Golf Course143
Royal Wellington Golf Course126
Royal West Norfolk Golf Course129
Royal Wimbledon Golf Course139
Royal Winchester Golf Course133
Royal Worlington & Newmarket Golf Course128
List of A-Z Royal Golf Courses around the world

If you get a chance to visit any of these golf courses, please do let us know how you found them. They are designed to be exciting, challenging, very scenic and above all, fun.

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